Problems integrating with Jira

Hello - I’m wondering if anyone in the community has experienced an issue with the Jira add-on?

I set it up so I can link Asana tasks with issues in Jira and it was working perfectly without any problems for a couple of days. However, when I tried to use it again recently, it no longer works. I’m using the same Asana account and the same Jira account as before, but now when I try to create an issue, it hangs for a moment, before giving me a “Sorry, something went wrong. Try again later” message.

Screenshot 2020-10-23 at 11.58.53

It’s not the most informative of messages, so if anyone knows what the “something” that went wrong might be and more importantly, how I can resolve it, I would be enormously grateful. Thanks.

HI @Mark_Allen, can you try to de-authorise the integration from the “App” tab within your profile settings, and re-authorise it? Let us know if the issue persists!

Bingo! That did the trick, Marie. Thanks for your help!

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