Integration Asana with Jira not fully functional

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I just linked my Jira cloud account to an Asana project. I can create new bugs/tasks/stories etc. and link existing Jira tasks to Asana. However, whenever loading more information from Jira I get an error ‘Something went wrong, try again later’. I have already de-authorized Jira Cloud and then added it again. This however did not do the trick. Does anyone know what might be going wrong here / what I can do to fix this?

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Hi @Paul_Stiekema,

Thank you for bringing this topic up! You have done the right steps in deauthorizing and authorizing again. It seems strange that Jira would still not connect.

I would encourage you to open a support ticket with Asana, as they have quick responses and are great problem solvers. I have provided the link at your convenience.

Thanks Mike! I have contacted Asana’s helpdesk.

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