Problem whit "Due Date"

We having a problem to define de due date off the activits in all projects that we import on Asana. This happened after the new atualization on 10/03/19.

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Hi @Guilherme_Puga :wave: Thank you for reaching out!

Sorry for the trouble here. From what I see in your screenshot the Due date is already mapped to the Column “Término”.

  • Aren’t the due dates uploading correctly?
  • If that is the case, could you please share the URL of your project so we can take a closer look at?

Looking forward to your reply.

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Im sorry, it’s the Start Date that we cant define.

Here is the link :

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Hi @Guilherme_Puga :wave: Sorry for the late reply here.

There are two possible reasons why you might be facing this issue.

  • Start Dates must occur before the Due Date.
  • Start Dates are a Premium feature. If you are not on the premium version, the information in the start date column will appear in the description of your task.

If none of this is your case: would you mind sharing with me by DM the CSV you are trying to import as well? This would be super useful to understand what might be happening here.

To send me a DM, simply click on my name in this post and select “Message”.

Looking forward to your reply!