Print Task Description without Sub-Tasks

Is there a way to print the parent task with the description and NOT print the sub-task description?

We use an Asana form to collect incoming client requests and automation to create a sub-task with detailed workflow instructions for my bookkeepers to complete the parent task.

I would only like the parent task description to be visible in the PDF print option.

Hello @Ufuoma_Ogaga you won‘t be able to achieve this natively in Asana however you can use Asana2Go, more info here: Exporting or printing a list of tasks - without subtasks - #2 by lpb

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I tried Asana2Go, and it is just printing the list of tasks. I need the standard task description with all of the audit trail, like using the Asana Print option.

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Asana2Go can be fully customised to only display what you want.

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ping @lpb

@Bastien_Siebman, I didn’t reply beyond liking Ufuoma’s post earlier because she wrote that she needs the audit trail which A2G doesn’t offer.

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If I didn’t need the audit trail, how would I print the task with its description without the sub-task description using A2G?


I imagine you want one of the formats like List - Tasks/… but unfortunately the default set includes too little or too much, not exactly what you want. But that’s easily changed with a the custom format. I made one for you that you can import. Send me your email address in a PM and I can attach for you.