Is there a way to show parent tasks when subtasks print?



What the title says. I’m unable to currently print task lists because they are not printing the parent tasks associated with the subtasks. Is there a way to print a good task list that shows them or an app that prints better task lists?


Hi, @Karen_Reznik,

Yes, Asana2Go sounds like what you’re looking for generally, and one of the standard reports – “Cards” – shows the parent task in the header much like the Asana right detail pane does. And any report can be customized (Duplicate, then Edit) to include the parent task as well.

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro Consultant at Trilogi Software


Hi @lpb,

Thank you for your reply. I downloaded the extension but am still unable to print the way I would like. When I try to print the task list from a tag, I have to select all the tasks then when I click to print it, the wheel spins for a few minutes and then nothing happens. I see how it could be helpful but it’s very clunky and don’t have the expertise or time to write a custom report as it looks like you need to know how to code. I guess I’ll keep re-typing everything for now…


I’m so sorry, @Karen_Reznik–you found a bug that I should have found first! I see there’s a problem when your task list is a tags “project” which I see in your follow-up post is what you’re using. (All other views work fine; I’ll get this one fixed by tomorrow, I hope.)

In the meantime, if you have access to Advanced Search (Premium or older accounts I think) then you could still try the Cards report which shows parent tasks by doing the following:

Create (and save if you want) an Advanced search for the tag(s) and project or whatever else is necessary to get your same tasks list, but in search results view. Then run the Asana2Go in just the same way, but this time you’ll see results instead of the spinner. If the Cards report format doesn’t work for you, I’ll private message you about helping out with something custom.

I expect to provide an option in the near future to report on all tasks, avoiding the need to make selections, as you mention.

I’m not aware of another free tool that can help you, but other forum posts discuss for-pay tools like Bridge24, and Treesana is coming which will handle parent tasks very well, and others.