Print a timeline

The feature just does not exist yet. So you can either take a screenshot or use apps like Instagantt.

Yes, but this is a shit result. The app should do this job.

I am using the Free version for 30 days, not having the possibillity to print the timeline is definitly going to make me move to another product.
And the fact it has been requested since 2018 by various users gives an idea of how much this product can evolve…
It was a good try, for free, won t pay for it…

Like everyone else above, I would love to see this as a native function in Asana. Definitely one of the top missing functions in the program in my opinion.

In the meantime, here is the workaround I found to work the best (in keeping the original Asana timeline graphics)…

Step 1: Open Asana via web using Chrome
Step 2: Click on the “public sharing” button at the top right to create a link. This will allow you to create a link to view the timeline view in a slightly cleaner format - ie. white background, etc. (Step 2 & 3 are’t a requirement in this workaround - just a graphical preference, FYI)
Step 3: Paste that link into a new browser tab to view the timeline view in new format
Step 4: Zoom out to capture all of the content in your timeline (cntl + minus)
Step 5: (KEY STEP) Now rather than doing a default screen capture of your timeline, which would pixelate all of your graphics and text follow the instructions at this link to do a high-resolution screen capture. I would use at least 1920x1080 for the capture, per the link’s tutorial.

The first time you do this it will take all five steps. Then after you have the custom/high res screen capture setup in Chrome it should only take a couple steps.

The ability to export to PDF is fundamental. The ability to print is key. How is it that Asana has ignored the development of export capability for so long? Vastly disappointing. We are actually migrating to Visio for new charting because the utility of being able to print a chart on a plotter and work on it together vastly outweighs the benefits of having it sharable online and viewable only via comparatively tiny screens individually.


Is Asana ignoring this feature in order to protect a partnerships with Instagantt and others? It doesn’t make sense that this was “on the radar” for nearly 5 years.

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Asana, PLEASE HELP! We are a non-profit organization that cannot afford to pay for another app just to print our Asana timelines! How difficult can it be to add a PRINT TO PDF feature on the task bars under Timeline, Board, List, Dashboard, etc. ? This is vital to be able to share our progress on big projects to key stakeholders, donors, board members, and community partners!


@Deb_Fewell you can use the basic feature of Instagantt for free. I believe they allow 3 projects.