Print a timeline

sorry Hambo but i think this is a rubbish solution. i could not make a long timeline into anything remotely attractive. certainly not into something i would want to pass to a client.

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I couldn’t agree more. Printing makes work quicker, allows quick markups and its pretty much a function you cannot compromise in any software, i mean any sort of productivity software

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+1 here too, much needed!

+1 long over due…

Can we please make this print work?

I will be cancelling my subscription if there is no plan for this feature roll out soon. I need to be able to take this document to job sites and reference it / pass it around to people. This function is a non-negotiable for so many people.


Another +1 for us
This is an absolutely necessity for our projects and we would love an update on the status of this

We used to use Instagantt before Timeline. We stopped using Instagantt when Timeline came along. Due to Timeline still missing important features, we will go back to Instagantt. You will see instagantt has far more features that Timeline including exporting to an image or PDF. I think the free version can allow you to connect to a project and do it. I prefer Instagantt’s design also, its more in line with professional gantt chart designs. I find Timeline is good for easy of moving tasks around and their dates, so no need to connect to Instagantt for that, but for presentation it has to be Instagantt.

Just starting using Asana a few hours ago. I love the timeline feature and graphical representation, but quickly ran into the issue of printing. I see this feature request has been outstanding for over 2 years now? Any basic PM tool would have this capability and surprised it’s not there. Any update?

Todays ASANA email has helpful guidance re when to use timelines vs. calendar. Re Audience it states:

“You want to share the plan with executives, other teams, stakeholders on the project”

The best way to enable that sharing is allowing timelines to be printed!

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Has this still not be resolved/added? It would be nice not to have to duplicate a timeline to share with our client!

I am looking for any new workaround you might have found: 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds


+1, very frustrating that this print feature still hasn’t been implemented.

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+1, It’s becoming very crucial to have the possibility to print the timeline or export it in a useful way (PNG, PDF)


Thia should be an easy, basic fix…and standard feature for any Gantt-like application. Come on Asana…you can make a lot of people happy with a small expenditure to time and energy. Thanks!

Nothing is ever easy in the development world :grimacing:

This seems ridiculous that after 3 years, this has not been implemented, I just paid for a premium account and wish I had checked this simple function before committing as it has made my teams work a lot harder!!

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For a public company to not recognize the (presumably) universal importance of this feature is surprising. Perhaps we are incorrectly estimating the importance of this feature? Perhaps that is related to the stickiness to the product? Once you are an Asana customer it is difficult to switch so the importance of feature requests of existing customers rank low?

Asana, can you provide insight into this?

Without improvements to the timeline feature including being able to see the timeline in Quarters and printing, I may seek a new option. Otherwise, I am going to duplicate my work for my client. Real bummer. Otherwise, I really like Asana. But it’s a little like “Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play.” It’s a core feature.

Was a solution ever found for this? We need to print out timelines but cannot see how this is done.