Preparing Asana for an extended leave

Hi there,

A couple of my team members are due to go on maternity leave and I’m wondering how to suspend their accounts so that they don’t return to an avalanche of emails/ notifications in their inboxes?

Thanks, Alison

Hi @Alison_O_Byrne and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

At Asana, before heading on a maternity leave or extended leave, we usually unfollow all unnecessary projects, which really helps when coming although it still take us sometime to go through our Inbox manually. Regarding email notifications, I would recommend disabling them: Email notifications from Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide. One other thing you can do is ask your employee to set her profile status to away so colleagues are all aware she won’t be in for a while.

There is no option to “suspend” a user, but the collection of recommendations above should help reducing the amount of work when you’re colleague comes from her maternity leave! :slight_smile:

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