Receiving Activity Updates in Email when disabled


Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I am still receiving emails when I have tried to disable all email updates.

Steps to reproduce: Make a task, make comments on tasks, make changes on tasks.

Browser version: Chrome and ipad application.

Upload screenshots below:


Can you try to go the Asana Inbox (Inbox button on the left), and at the top you should have a button to switch off all emails and only work with the Inbox?


I’ve attached a screen shot to show you what I am seeing. It appears to already be off.


Can you share an (anonymised) screenshot of an email you still receive?


Hi @Amanda_Lair, just checking in, are you still receiving email notifications?



Yes, I am still receiving emails for ASANA tasks. I also am unable to access ASANA at all today.


I am still receiving email notifications.


Thanks for the quick follow-up @Amanda_Lair,

One more thing, could send me by DM a screenshot of what email address you’re seeing when click on the little arrows as shown in the screenshot below?

To DM me, simply click on my name beside my profile picture and click on “message”

Thank you so much for your patience and collaboration! Looking forward to your reply!


How do I send you a DM?


Oh, never mind. I see your instructions.


Although, I do not see a “message” link.


Apologies for the trouble here, I’ve just sent you a DM, you should be able to reply with your screenshots!


Marking this one resolved in the Forum as our Support Team has taken over! But if you can, let us know what the issue was when this is full resolved @Amanda_Lair. And thanks again for your patience with all the back and forth :slight_smile: