Switching Team Member to Guest account

Specific scenario:

  1. An employee is leaving and their company email is being revoked for them.
  2. They still need access to Asana for another month or two.
  3. What’s the smoothest way to make this possible?

I’ve in the past suggested to remove the individual, invite them with their personal account, and reassign tasks from the previous account to the guest account. In smaller teams this worked but with a heavily populated Asana this becomes time consuming.

Do you really have to revoke their email address even if they still need to work? :thinking:

Sounds like what you need in this situation is to change the e-mail address associated with the Asana account.
I haven’t had to try it but I found this in Asana help. I don’t know what the side effects are from going from an e-mail address in the company domain to an outside domain.

@Bastien_Siebman unfortunately, yes when the email address is given to the person in a particular position (not personal email addresses).

@Vince_Mustachio Thank you for your suggestion. Just to be on the safe side, I’ll contact Asana support to make sure this will work or if they can make the change on the backend.

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I would do the same thing. Please let us know how it went and what you learned. Thanks.