Pre-boarding a new employee

Hello! I would like to create a pre-boarding board for new employees that have not started with our company yet but will be joining us in less than 2 weeks. I believe this would be beneficial to get our new employees excited about working with us and teach them about our culture prior to when they arrive. Can I create a pre-boarding board and invite people using their personal email? Will they need to make an Asana account? Also can I give them view only access since this will be shared to about 30 people at one time.

Hi @Grace_Bromery
You can make them guests of the Project using their private email so they can see the project. They will need to sign up to Asana to view.
You can then make them Comment only users so they can only comment on the tasks rather than complete or change them.
Hope this helps.


This does help! While I do not want users to have to make a profile on Asana, it is a good work around.

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