Power BI Desktop and Asana


Hello there!, How do I connect my power bi desktop app to my asana account for advance reporting?

Thank you.


Hi @PedroPablo_Leon

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible to connect the desktop app directly to Asana. I couldn’t even connect mine to the dashboard Google Sheets report. However, there is an Asana app for Power BI online. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include custom fields, but you can report on tasks, due dates, assignees, etc. It’s worth checking out if you haven’t already tried it.


HI @PedroPablo_Leon

This is the link you need:

One of my clients connected Power BI with Asana. So if you have specific questions I can forward them. He is not active in the Asana Community yet, but a great reason to join if the two of you can excahnge about Asana Power BI hacks :slight_smile:

Always great to meet people mastering the same challenges


Hey @Sebastian_Paasch

I would also love to link the Power BI desktop app directly to Asana, if your client knows a way to do it. The integration is very good, but without custom fields I can’t report on most of the milestones my manager wants. At the moment, I have to export everything from Asana, then use the CSV to create a Power BI report. It would be so much easier to have a direct link.



I tried the Power BI integration. I logged into the online Power BI and then selected Get Data | Services (Get) | searched for Asana | Get It Now. To connect to Asana it asked for my “workspaceName” and “teamName”. I am an Asana noob here. What is my workspaceName in Asana? I tried a few things and none of them worked

I get a Power BI error “The key didn’t match any rows in the table”

Any updates on this from any of you?


Would workspaceName = Project name you want to report on and teamName = Team that the project is sitting in?


Hi @Troy_Hudson I had the same issue. So to sync Asana with Power PI, you need to copy the exact workspace name that you find on top of your screen. It should say something like "My task in ". It’s not the name of the project.

You can also find workspace name by clicking on your user icon in the upper right corner of your screen. There should be a check mark by the workspace that you are currently reviewing.

And the team name should be listed under “Reports” on the side menu. This name also need to be copied over exactly as is when linking Power BI with Asana. Otherwise it will generate an error.