PowerBI Connector not available

I am trying to connect PowerBI to Asana. Unfortunalty the Asana Connector is not in the list when I select “Get data…”

Power BI Version: 2.70.5494.701 64-bit (Juni 2019)

You need at least Feb 2020 version to see. I had to have IT install the later version.

Thanks. It works.

Any chance to access projects (not only tasks) via PowerBI

Asana exports most Asana data to Power BI, incl all available projects. Do you mean Portfolios?

It just shows Tasks - no Projects. I tried URL of Team and Portfolio. What’s wrong?


I have the July 2023 Power BI Desktop client and i dont see Asana as an available data source when I Get Data.

I have a similar issue wherein I don’t have Asana as an available data source. My PowerBI desktop (x64) version is 2.116 (date published: 13th Apr '23). Was your issue resolved?