Power BI Desktop and Asana - Data Limits?

We’re using Power BI (paid Enterprise edition) to report various Asana project metrics, using the Asana connector built in to Power BI. Over time, we noticed missing data from Power BI, and after lots of investigating, discovered that the connector won’t import more than 100 projects per team. As a temporary workaround, we created a new team and moved the overflow projects into a new team. Then we added the new team to the Power BI report and confirmed that we could now see the missing data.
Is this a bug with the connector? Is there a setting somewhere I can change to get past the limit? Any suggestions?


We have found a very similar issue with the Tableau connector. I am waiting to hear back from Asana Support. I will update if I hear anything back, as it appears BI may be experiencing the same limitations.

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Did you hear back from Asana Support? I am having the same problem with the Tableau connector and wondering if moving the projects to a new Team is the only solution.

I have not heard back from Asana, but late 2020, Asana started to release their own analytical visualizations within the platform. They are early in development IMO and have a ways to go until they are truly insightful. I suspect this is the reason for the limited prioritization of improving the Tableau connector.

Is there anyway to connect my Power BI dashboards to my projects? I tried and got to work an integration but only to visualiza Asana Data in power BI, but I actually wanted my teams to see my reports in our project.
Thanks in Advance