Load Asana custom fields via Power BI API

Hej all,
we have a requirement to show some asana-data in our powerbi.
I tried the default asana-api in Power BI and it works except i dont get the custom fields from our asana.
So i was searching for a solution for that named problem and found this forum.
Most of the post are older then one year and i found no “easy” way to get those custom fields outside of asana with power bi. I read with some third party application i can realise named problem.
But, on the asana-page about Power BI itself i read that it is no problem to get access to the Power BI Custom-Fields, so what am i missing here?
Quote(https://asana.com/apps/powerbi): " Visualize your team’s work
Build custom, actionable dashboards based on Asana inputs like Custom Fields to get real-time insights into projects and workflows."

So is there at the moment an “easy” solution for loading custom fields into Power BI? or is coding/a third party necessary?

Thanks for the help!

Hi Mischa,

First, I saw it’s your first time on the forums, welcome!

I just did this in Power BI, when I’m back in front of my work computer I’ll let you know! I’ll toss the steps I took into this thread :smile:

But I do remember it was a lot of intermediary steps…


I’m looking for the same thing!

Currently in Power Query Editor but the custom fields I have created are not expanding with the values I expected.