Portfolios - option to remove "custom" fields

A little background: My team has used Asana Premium for years and we’re trying out the Business version because the Portfolios feature seems to address a big problem we have - we use Asana to manage incoming customer requests and we have dozens of them open at any given time. Thus far, portfolios seems to be the solution we’ve been looking for (which is keeping a list of all projects in one place).

The problem we are encountering is as follows:
We have very long project names and all of them are automatically truncated. This is frustrating because for our purposes, the only visible part of the project name is the date and the requestor’s last name, and as I mentioned we have dozens of projects going at once.

Our current solution is to override the CSS on a local computer, but each person will have to do that and it seems much easier to either 1. Allow the project name to overflow onto a second line or 2. Make all fields optional (e.g. status, task progress, and dates). My team personally doesn’t need all of these fields, and it would be great to be able to remove some (or all) of them.

Can you move the date and the requestor’s last name at the end of the project name? Or put them in a custom field? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not, it’s a standardized naming convention that we use across multiple platforms.