Portfolios - Filters by Project Level Data Elements

Portfolios are a great feature for managing projects across a team or organization. We use custom data elements heavily in our portfolios, we would like the ability to filter in a portfolio by any of the project level data elements (like owner, status, dates, or custom data elements) the same way we can filter a task list based on task level elements.

This would make portfolios much easier for us to navigate. Right now, we use the Google Sheets export and have built a number of PivotTables to do this in sheets, but because the status itself comes over in plain text and not formatted in Google Sheets, it would be better to be able to easily navigate through these sorts of filters in Asana directly.

Also, we would like to be able to save off multiple views in addition to a default view (each one being able to be filtered/sorted uniquely) so it’s easy to get to a view we want quickly.


Welcome to the Forum @Prashant_Patel and thank you so much for sharing this feedback with us! :smiley:

I agree with you that having filtering options would be super useful! Hopefully this is something we can implement in the future!

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We use Portfolio to keep track of progress on multiple projects across the team. What we would like to be able to do is filter on multiple fields at once e.g. by owner, then by due date.

Additionally - filtering by any custom fields or ‘in project’ fields would also be desirable.

I can see that filtering is available on Workload which is partly what we require in terms of functionality but ‘excel’ like filtering would be great.

Any information on this would be great.


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Hi @Richard_Hodgkinson, welcome to the Asana community Forum and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

We already have a product request for this feature, I’ve gone ahead and merged your thread with Portfolios - Filters by Project Level Data Elements to centralize feedback. I’ll make sure to update the main thread as soon as I have an update about this feature.

Any news on that? It’s still a highly requested feature in our team.

We also would like that feature to be able to keep all of our projects in one single portfolio and then filter by client to then sort by job number or due date. We are trying to avoid creating separate portfolios for each client so that we can filter properly. If that functionality is still missing, then that is already pushing us to a different PM software. HUGE gap in day to day usage of the platform.


Agreed. The portfolio views are the primary way we need to use asana in meetings. The need to manually tag to create views is not scalable and may block long term adoption of this product. We should be able to make any portfolio based on filters. Additionally, the portfolio timeline view is not currently usable without grouping/filtering. It is very difficult to go from one view in the list where things are grouped to a flat view.

Agreed, the ability to both filter and sort items in a portfolio would greatly increase the usability of Asana for our purposes. Any movement on this?

Hi Oliver! Can you tell me how you manually tag to create views?

It’s interesting to see how an useful functionality easy to implement takes more than 2 years to get implemented. stills is not possible to filter

Currently you can only filter by people, but it would be nice to be able to filter by a custom field on the workload screen. For example maybe the custom “department” field from the Portfolio–>List screen. This would add some much needed usability for my team.


Would you be ok merging with Portfolios - Filters by Project Level Data Elements ?

Thanks @Bastien_Siebman, I’ve gone ahead and merged these threads!

Is there any status update on this feature? I’d love to be able to filter portfolios by project elements like owner and other categories. This feature request is very old. Will it get built?

Any updates on this? This is greatly needed!

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I would really like to be able to do this too. Otherwise I’m viewing completed projects alongside ongoing projects.

I’d also like to put in my request for this feature. Portfolios are great but our current job portfolio has well over 100 projects in it and being able to filter would make managing that many projects realistic. Right now it’s hard to scroll through that many projects and the size of the portfolio makes it load slowly thereby making it a challenge for me to get the team to actually use it properly.

Also for us, this feature is key. We are currently testing asana as a company (with 500 people). I think without this feature we will not be able to decide for asana… please let me know if an update on this is planned in the short term. Thanks.