Portfolio workload not showing unassigned work

I have been using the portfolio workload to create a sort of resource burndown for all of our different projects. However, as of today, workload no longer shows unassigned tasks. I don’t see an update announcement post. So what happened?

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hi @anon33457153 I have noticed this too! Looking into this now

@Bastien_Siebman is this expected behaviour from the workloads reporting feature?

It was never the case, was it really? @Arthur_BEGOU @Julien_RENAUD do you remember something?

It was at the bottom, at the end of the list, and I confirm it’s now gone in out Asana space too … And I also found it useful.

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It is mentioned on the Workload guide page

  • Tasks must be assigned to be accounted for in the capacity trendline. Otherwise, they will appear at the bottom of your workload view in the Unassigned section.

It appears the Asana team has fixed the issue. I had not really explored the boards, so I found out I posted this in the wrong board. But hey, it got notice.

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It appears to still be broken for me. Unassigned work isn’t showing up in the Workload view.

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I’m speaking to support so will keep you all posted!

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Hey @anon33457153 mine still isn’t showing so will keep this thread live and move it to bugs

Hey all, Asana support are looking into this I will keep it updated