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In the latest version, we just noticed that the “Unassigned” tab in portfolio view only shows up if you are not filtering the view. It used to show unassigned tasks no matter what the state of the filter is. Because of this change, our team can no longer look at specific members of a team and see what work needs to be assigned for that team. Being able to see unassigned tasks within a filtered view is an extremely valuable feature for us as we use it to assign upcoming work on our production schedule.

Screen capture of experience: https://www.loom.com/share/5f084868b922416f81b56a6257302312

Hi @Jon_Hendershot :wave:t3:

Thanks for sharing this video and some feedback on how you organise your work! When filtering your Product Manager in the Portfolio view, you can click on “Unscheduled” at the top right of your screen. your unscheduled task will automatically appear in a sliding pane on the right of your screen!

I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any follow-up questions :slight_smile:

Hi Marie!

Yes, we’re aware of the “Unscheduled” tab in the portfolio, but that feature isn’t very useful for us. We often have work that is already scheduled, but has not yet been assigned to anyone. This is because our project managers will all individually schedule tasks based on when their project needs to hit its deadlines, and then we assign all of that work each week as a team in our resourcing meeting.

Again, our request would be that we can see “Unassigned” (not “Unscheduled”) tasks even while the portfolio is filtered. This feature would be far more useful to us than the “Unscheduled” drawer. Hopefully that makes sense!

I see! Apologies for the mix up here! Let me see if I can find out about this!

No problem! I appreciate you looking into it for us

Hi @Jon_Hendershot! Quick update:

Our team has confirmed that this isn’t working as expected and should hopefully fix it by the end of the week. I’m moving this thread to #bugs:current-bugs and will update you once it is fixed!

In the meantime, if you expand the 'Unassigned" section before filtering, you should still be able to see it once you filter your timeline. Hopefully that can help until we push a fix to resolve this issue!

Thanks again for reporting this issue and for your help so far, we really appreciate it :star:

Hi @Jon_Hendershot, just a quick note to let you know this issue should now be resolved! Thanks again for taking the time to report it!

It is indeed - I saw it come back into our portfolio last night. Super useful already - thank you!!

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