Portfolio Beta?

I noticed the enterprise pricing page says “Beta- Get early access to Portfolios to help track the status of important projects.”

What is this? Cant find references to it anywhere.


You can find some info here:



That looks very promising!

Will this eventually be rolled out beyond enterprise to premium users? This would be AMAZING for my team!


Yes, it will be AMAZING for our teams to have the Portfolio feature, this will streamline the way our teams use Asana. I have the same question @Laura_Johnson asked: can we have the Beta as Premium users?

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Also optimistically curious. Will this come to Premium in the future?

Questions about Portfolio

  • Does the Classic Dashboard option retain your existing Dashboard? I have that configured just so and wouldn’t want to lose it just yet.
  • How does Portfolio effect or add to the export to Google Sheets?

Look very promising… All this time I don’t use dashboard. Hopefully soon release for premium user

Ditto. I just set up a custom dashboard in Google Sheet and I don’t want to lose this feature.

I’d like to know if the Google Sheet integration will be supported. I need the feature to export data so I can create custom reports as needed!

@Carlos_Pineda I have it!! Do you? It is AMAZING. We’re going to revamp a few of our processes IMMEDIATELY.

Hello, we’re already premium customers.
The new portfolios section (in app) says it’s available to “Business” customers - but that’s not a pricing tier yet - I guess that’s in the works??
The pricing page has it as being beta on “enterprise” level.
When it’s released (and not in beta) what pricing tier will it be available to? And if the answer is “business” who’s a business level customer, premium or enterprise?

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“Business” level is Enterprise. It’s more expensive than premium at $19.99 per user/month and you have to upgrade from your existing Premium tier to get access to it unfortunately.

Just to clarify, “Business” is not Enterprise but is a new level coming verrrry soon that will sit between Premium and Enterprise.

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Thanks for the clarification @Phil_Seeman :slight_smile: I can confirm that the Business plan sits between our existing Premium, you can learn more about both here:

Also since Portfolio is now officially launched in not in Beta anymore, I’ll go ahead and close this thread to avoid any confusion. Here is the official thread for Portfolio in case you have any questions! Introducing Portfolios: The mission control center for everything you need to track in your business