Premium vs Business Account and API Access

Hi everyone, I was hoping you could help me.

My company currently has the Business License are we are considering migrating to Premium License. Will we continue to have access to all APIs?

If not, which are the Business only features in API?

Thank you!

Hi @Thiago4, welcome to the forum!

If you pay for any plan, you have access to the full API, including 1500 request/minute and the “search” endpoint.

Only free accounts are limited to 150 calls/minute, and they can’t access the “search tasks” endpoint.

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@Thiago4 , just to clarify, though, the API follows the same feature availability as the Asana web app; so for example, switching from Business to Premium you’ll lose a bunch of end-user features and you’ll also lose those same capabilities in the API.


That’s great guys. Thank you so much!

Another quick questions:

  • As an administrator from a Business account, I haven’t found a way to see/export all the projects that we have in the organization, including it’s members. For example, I know tgaf we have 2.400 projects, but I can only get 700 from the API, which are the ones that I’m part of. Is there a way to see that?

The organizations can’t have visibility of everything we have going on.

  • Additionally, is there a way to see all active rules of the projects through API?


Not on a Business subscription. The only way to get access to ALL data in an organization is via a Service Account; those are only available at the Enterprise subscription level.

Unfortunately rules are not currently accessible via the API.


That’s too bad, it’s a simple feature that’s key for any type of organization.

Thanks for the answer!

So, do you know whether the information of “number of projects” of each user is that shows when you export the CSV of Members in the Admin UI, is the number of users that I can see or is it the number of projects in the entire organization?

Thank you!

Good question; I don’t know the answer to that. @Bastien_Siebman or @lpb, do you know the answer?

@Thiago4 and @Phil_Seeman,

I’m not positive, but I’d guess since it’s just a number it represents org-wide number of projects, not limited by the requestor’s access rights. But one would need to confirm with to be sure (or do a simple test–couldn’t you just advanced search for a person as a collaborator (member) of a project then in the results see the number in the Projects tab. If it’s smaller than the number in the CSV, that would confirm my suspicion I think.


I have no idea, sorry.