Which API features are available for each pricing tier

I’m looking for a list of API features that are available for each tier, Basic, Premium and Enterprise. I’ve read somewhere that not all API features are available for all tiers. Is there a list somewhere?

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Pinging @Bastien_Siebman, @lpb or @Phil_Seeman

@david.thompson, I’m not aware of a specific list for the API like you ask about, but you can use the detailed list (scroll down) here:

and know that anything having to do with Portfolios won’t be available to Basic and Premium accounts, for example.

Maybe the others have a better approach.


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Hi @david.thompson and welcome to the forum!

As @lpb says, the Asana API just exactly mimics the capabilities of the web product. In other words, if you can do X in the web product at a particular pricing level, and the API supports that feature, it’ll be available for you in the API.

Unfortunately there’s no way to check via the API as to what someone’s pricing level is, so you have to program defensively by making sure you code to expect a failure of any API call you make that might error out due to lack of support at a particular pricing level.

While most such failures return error codes 402 or 403, I’ve seen cases where you’ll get another error code returned, like 400 - so don’t rely 100% on the specific error number in this circumstance.


Hi @david.thompson. In our app, we test some features to see if there are available, that’s the only method we have.
Example, we make some call to: portfolio, custom fields, task search, maybe others I don’t remember… and from these results, we know if we can enable or not some features in the UI.

But, sometimes, you will get data from a previous status…
Example, when you have access to custom fields, you can save them in a task. If, later, you remove that access right, your tasks will still contains custom fields, or history (stories) of these.
So, be prepare to manage some custom fields informations even if you don’t have access to project or workspace custom fields.


Thanks for the help

Thank you make sense