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I’m trying to understand the difference between the free plan and the premium plan. I’m currently on the premium trial so I don’t know which features I’ll be using once I’m done with the trial, if I choose to remain on the free plan. Specifically, I wanted to know if I can create a custom template out of one of my projects and set which users should be able to edit that template. The premium plan does have this but can anyone confirm if the free plan has that as well? Thanks


The free plan will not allow you create custom project templates I’m afraid.

For a comparison of plans, see

and be sure to click the large button “Compare all features.”


Thanks for sharing that. I didn’t notice anything about backups with regards to plan level. Would you happen to know if the free version has a backup feature?

No, afraid not. You can do your own, with varying results, by duplicating projects or exporting or using ditto.kothar.net.

Cross regional backups and more are an Enterprise feature.


Premium doesn’t either have backup options? What happens if Asana has a backend bug that deletes projects, tasks, descriptions and/or attachments?

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Of course, Asana does backups.

I understood you were asking about backup features for different plan levels.

I haven’t heard of anything like your backend bug example in 11 years.



Thanks for your response! That question was based on our experience with another company, where a bug in the system deleted some of our info and there was no way for it to be recovered.

In choosing to switch over to Asana, we want to make sure that in the event of data loss, for any reason, Asana will be able to recover the lost data. That will help towards justifying the far greater monthly fee of Asana over the software we’re coming from.

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