Portfolio: Add All of a Teams' Projects at Once

Having the ability to have automatically created and updated Team Portfolios would be a good addition.

In the mean time, look at the Projects list on a Team page. It gives a simpler version of a Portfolio Project list.

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Just trying premium as well today and this would be very helpful because as a new project is added (and I want to track everything for that team) I will need to manually add it to the portfolio. there is too much room for error. I get tons of email updates and it hard to track all the email updates to ensure I got all the projects I need in the portfolio.

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Agree with the rest, this is a must! Hoping this is included in an upcoming update!

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Has there been any development on this or any word on if this may be included in any upcoming updates?


Yes please give updates ASANA!

The portfolio feature is fabulous - we use it weekly to review completed work and to manage the workload for the coming week (e.g., workload level by team member and prioritization relative to upcoming project specific milestones). The new feature which allows the completed task view vs the incomplete task view has solved a big issue with over reporting of hours of effort.

Having the ability to add projects from a Team all at once would be a huge time saver and would ensure that all of the projects are reflected without concern for one or more projects being inadvertently omitted. That said, here are two requested considerations.

Could the adding of projects to a single portfolio INCLUDE the option of “adding all of a team’s projects at once” PLUS individual projects from another team? This solution is our highest priority from an efficiency perspective.

Given that the maximum # of projects per portfolio is limited to 250, then it would be ideal to be able to select “add all of a Team’s Projects at Once” but limit the inclusion to UNARCHIVED. If this is not possible, then as a work around on our end, archived projects could be moved to a newly created team for safekeeping thereby allowing “adding all of a Team’s projects at once” to only reflect unarchived projects.


I totally agree with @dean.clough on this. This request keeps on popping up from our management team. Please have a look at this option as it would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

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I’d like to have a “auto-portfolio” that shows all projects in certain Teams. Teams shown would be selectable - either on creating the portfolio or as an option withing the portfolio option menu. As projects are added or moved to those Teams, the portfolio would update.

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Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @Joseph_Reynolds :smiley:

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Have a great Friday Joseph!

I also receive this feature request from many of my consulting clients. Wish i could add their votes here.

I have coded a small tool to add all projects into one portfolio https://minimalist-work.com/asana/global-workload
At the moment you can’t choose a team + the limit for portfolios is 250. But I’ll improve the tool soon.


Thank you - I tested the tool out and it may do what I need for my “All Projects” portfolio! It would be amazing if it could also select only certain teams. And even more if it could select from custom dropdown fields :smiley:

We have more than 250 projects, does this tool ignore archived projects? I have a lot I could archive but just never had a reason to.

The tool now allows you to choose a team rather than the entire organization!


The manual process of adding projects to a portfolio is pretty cumbersome. It would be nice to be able to either push all projects of a certain team to a portfolio or at least to visually identify from the Team window the projects that are actually linked to a portfolio


Welcome to the Forum @Francois_Torche :wave:t5: and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

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see my tool above you does that

Hello Asana admins! This request has been in play for almost 2 years, can you let us know if there’s any plan to implement? We all love what you do, but this one is very painful having to manually update portfolios when simply allowing to add a whole team would resolve. Seems like a no-brainer to add this feature. Thanks so much!


I must say I do not feel comfortable with your tool reading all my tasks and projects… not so smart security wise.
Asana should develop in on their own. it’s a very important feature.

I understand, I don’t have a choice, the Asana API does not allow for fine grained permissions. Just FYI I don’t store anything, and this is your browser that reads your data, it never goes to my server. And you can deauthorize my app after you use it.

Workloads are necessary but problematic in Asana - for the reason mentioned above (adding manually each project to a Portfolio) and also for another one: Workloads are calculated when the task is assigned to the team member.
Let me know if I am missing something here, and if you found a workaround.
As a PM, you are working on Resource Scheduling and Assignment. Let’s say you have big projects in the pipeline and you want to make sure all team members are scheduled and not overloaded with tasks once the project kicks off.
Well, apparently you have to ASSIGN the future task in order to have Workload calculation. Consequence: Team members get their Inbox clogged by tasks that have not started yet. The Task is assigned only for Workload estimation, so it is not truly assigned yet. It is cumbersome and unclear for any teammate to have this in their Taskslist, especially since you have to select a start and due date for the Workload estimation to be accurate.
What could be a work around option is to have a custom Potential Resource field that could be selected to estimate Workloads and would prevent to assign any task before it is actually needed. Meaning, Workload estimation would not automatically trigger messages and adding tasks to “potential” assignee. For that, we would need an option to calculate Workload per “custom field”.

Please let me know if you have a workaround for this or if I am missing something.
We need to keep everything centralized in Asana, but Portfolios and Workloads, the way it is at this moment, makes us go back to other planning tools.

Thank you.