Populating Person Fields from a Form

I have an issue in that I am trying to create a form where my form takes the submitters name that they entered and have it populate a field in my project. I can currently do this by creating a custom text field. However, I want to be able to use a Person field, which is currently not an option. When a person’s name comes into the project from the form, I want Asana to know its a person from my company, not just text that someone entered (which could be anything). Are there any plans to have this functionality in forms?


Hello @Kevin_Nelson,

I recommend monitoring updates in this thread because since the people field was launched it is now also available in rules already and portfolio too so I assume they will make it available for forms also in the future.
In the meantime one workaround to use could be this one for example.


It would be beneficial to add the People Field within the form as an option to select from the organization users that can be added as collaborators or assignee’s to the task.

Our organizations is trying to capture an approval process through auto-routing assignments by Asana Rules.

This is becoming difficult to manage when a role changes without proper communication.

We are looking for the functionality to be able to have the People field be an option to fill within the form and select a manager from the current user directory, so the assignment of the task can be decided upon form submission.

Maybe I am missing something obvious, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to add a Person custom field that is present in my project to the form I am creating for that project. I could have sworn that this was possible, but I am not seeing it as an option anywhere. Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi @pdmcdermott,

You’re not missing anything. That’s a newer custom field and not yet available on all surfaces but we’re hopeful.

You can also vote at the top of this thread, into which I’ve merged your post.



Thanks Larry! I had a feeling I wasn’t going crazy!


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I’m commenting to monitor as well! This is a highly desirable addition in categories and a must for the form submission itself to align!

The People Field was a game changer to my program as we have multiple author’s on our form submissions that we process. And we need to track that participation across teams. We currently do similar to the original post here and have a text field that we then have to manually update after submission and processing.

If Asana could have a form entry for the people field that translated emails entered at the time of form submission to Asana accounts or inviting accounts once submitted (similar to “collaborators”) that would be idea. Especially if these folks could also be automatically added as collaborators via selecting a toggle on the form or in settings.

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Are there any updates on making this field type available on forms?

My team runs a few different rules where the trigger is the person who submits the form (i.e. if they are part of Team A, we’ll perform a specific action). Right now I have to go through each submission every week and manually add the requester to a person custom field so the rules will run. It would be great if the requester could enter their own name in the form so the rules run as soon as the intake is submitted.