Please bring back company mission to

When I introduce Asana to people, I always introduce the company mission:

“Help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly.”

However, the company page (About Asana • Asana) has been updated and the mission itself disappeared from the page. There’s only this line left:

Each of our values is aligned with what will guide us to achieve our mission

The mission doesn’t need to be at the top of the page, but would you consider adding back the mission somewhere on the page?

Oddly, the unfurling of shows the old mission statement

(or at least does right now) but as @ShunS points out it’s not on the company page and I could not find it anywhere on the website (only on the blog).

In case it changes, note that as I’m writing this, it unfurls to “Asana is on a mission to help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly. Learn more about our company and culture.”

@Community_Managers, is the above mission being/been retired? Is the new mission “We’re in business to help you thrive” which is what is front and center at



PS @ShunS, Don’t forget to vote for your feedback!

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Hi @lpb, thank you for commenting and voting!
The unfurling shows the meta description of the page. It’s the preview text displayed e.g. on Google search results page.

Thanks, @ShunS. I am aware that the meta tag causes the unfurling, but my point was to ask why the inconsistency of slogans use? My guess is it’s just a matter of time, or it had been forgotten, and it will be removed from the meta tag.



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HI @ShunS, @lpb, thanks for providing this feedback.

While our Mission has not changed, there have been some slight design/copy changes to the page.

I’ve gone ahead and provided your feedback internally and will keep you posted if any updates are made here :slight_smile:


Hi @ShunS, @lpb - good news! Our web content team have added the mission back to the page! You can find it by scrolling down to where our values are stated :slight_smile:

As always, thank you for your feedback. We hear and appreciate it :slight_smile:


Hi @Rebecca_McGrath, it is great news!
I believe it was a small but important thing.
Thank you for hearing our voices as always :blush:


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