Please Add a Yellow, Orange and Red "!" and huge Calendar improvement.

Hi Asana Devs,

I’ve been using Asana myself now for about 5 months, I started using it as a Site Ali supervisor/installer, I’d upload photos of completed works and defects for my project manager at the time.

I’m now a project manager for the same company and I’ve completely changed how we set up jobs and how Asana is intergraded into the company.

Please can you add into Asana the option instead of just using a Green completion tick, having a yellow, orange and red explanation mark. That notifies the Creator of the task when this “!” goes up. It could also display in the location of the green tick, so when going though large amount of tasks it would make them easier to spot out.
Bringing attention to a task as well as the seriousness of the attention would be a HUGE advantage.

I now use Asana as my Daily Diary I constantly create tasks on the day, in the moment. Some tasks are more important than others can you please add the ability to colour the box of the task when made, so that from the Calendar screen you can see more urgent tasks for that day, to help clear my head so if I don’t complete Tasks that day and have to move them to the next day I know exactly where to get started. Tasks in Calendar go top to bottom based on when they are made this makes it hard for me to sort through Urgencies.

I Hope you see the benefits of these ideas as much as I do, I have other ideas that could help make other peoples lives easier well, and I’m happy to share if I see that this post gets some notice.

I think asana is a beautiful piece of software and you have done a brilliant job to this date.

Hi @Tyrone_Van_Bakel, thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

Have you tried using custom fields to add more details to the tasks? You could add a Yellow, Orange and Red drop-down field and you will be able to easily identify the tasks from all your views. You could also try using Approvals!

In regards to your second request, I believe you are creating this tasks in your Calendar view for My Tasks. In this case, if the newly created tasks don’t belong to a project, you can color code them using Tags so you can give them some priority using colors in Calendar view. We have also recently launched the 7 day Calendar view for my Tasks, you can see more details here: Plan your week with the new 7 Day Calendar View in My Tasks! 📅

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Emily for the ideas!

My follow up Idea was that If a “!” was in a sub task or sub-sub task then on the parent task, a small “!” would show next to the Green Tick, the same way that a red “1” would show up next to an app notification on your phone. Stating that there is a sub-task that needs attention inside this main task.

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