Color-Coding Tasks and Subtasks

The company I work for has been using Asana for a bit over a year now to track all of our projects and it has been an absolute game-changer for us in terms of productivity. That said, when we are assigning things to people, 90% of the time they are assigned as subtasks. There are a variety of reasons we like to do it this way, but I won’t bore you with the details. For the most part this works flawlessly and has helped us track all of our projects with ease. We do have one suggestion, however–

If possible, we would love the ability to color-code tasks and subtasks. Projects can be color-coded and that’s great, but since we rely so heavily on subtasks, color-coding at the project-level does little for us since we rarely ever see the actual projects on our calendar view. Even something as simple as an option to allow tasks and sub-tasks to inherit the color of the parent project would be immensely helpful for us. If this is already a feature and we have somehow missed it please let me know!

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Have you considered adding the subtasks to a project that you use for your Calendar view and then using a Custom Field to define their colour in the calendar view of that specific project?



Thank you for your response. I should have clarified-- we are using the free version, not the paid version. I understand not every feature is available in the free version though, so maybe this is just something we are going to have to live with as I doubt we will make the switch to the paid version just to have color-coded subtasks. Thank you anyway!

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Even in the free versino of Asana, you could add the current project to the subtask (that is, make the subtask a top-level task as well in the parent project) after you create at the bottom of the project a collapsed “Hidden Subtasks” section to keep the duplication out of the way.

These subtasks now inherit the color of the project as you wish.


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Wow, I will have to try that! I did not know that was possible. Thank you very much!

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