Adding Highlight Colors to Subtasks



It would be great if the highlight colors feature affected not only tasks but Subtasks. My team heavily uses them and it would be nice if they were also colored to reflect the project it’s under.


I would also like to see subtasks take on the highlight colour the project has. In calendar view, only the main task(s) that shows the specified colour of for the project.


I agree. We use the calendar view a lot and they just show as “white” for me, the colors help me recognize what are we’re focusing on. I don’t get why it doesn’t default to the color.


I’m trying to figure out how to highlight JUST a task and not necessarily the whole project. It sounds like you’re doing that. Can you help explain how I can do that?


Same for me Holly… using calendar view, I’m never sure where the white tasks belong


This is kind of crazy that it’s not the default. A sub-task should have the same colour as the parent task, by default. You should then have the ability to customise it.


I second this, it’s a bit weird that this is not already the case. I would like to see the tag for the project of the parent tasks on subtasks by default as well.