Pin custom filters

I find the filters to be frustrating and slow to interact with. As a user I’d like to choose and pin my own custom drop down filters so I can switch/filter visible tasks quicker.

For example, I have a custom “product line” field that is frequently used as a filter. I’d like to designate that custom field as a pinned drop down at the top so that I can simplify the process of switching/filtering between product lines.

(This could also be a custom field for “client” or “Epic” or “Release” etc)

This is a feature Jira has in the backlog view, so it is a key productivity pain point for users switching to Asana.

Hey @John_Pirrie, welcome to the Asana community forum :wave:

In projects that various people have edit access to anybody can basically save their preferred default view.

One thing you could do would be multi-homing either all tasks or some tasks of the team project in a project that only you have access to then you can save your preferred view.

Another option would be using the advanced search and save the search report.

Or set up a chart that filters exactly the tasks you want to see and then you can click through the chart to only see the tasks with the relevant filter

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Hi @John_Pirrie and thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

@Andrea_Mayer just shared some really good tips that can hopefully help for the time being. On my end, I’ll make sure to share your feedback with our team so they can consider it for a future update.

Thank you @Andrea_Mayer and @marie.gaillard

The key here is usability/productivity. As a PM, I’m overseeing varied aspects of the team work. I want to quickly switch between the varied filtered views instantly without extra repeated steps or page reloads.

This is almost my most frequent interaction with the product as I review progress across multiple teams and product lines within a single all-encompassing project. Just the fact that I have to choose which field I want to filter by every time is an extra step causing unnecessary friction. Thanks!