Save Custom Filters

I use Custom Filters a lot to see subsets of tasks on my boards, but there is no way to save my custom filter.

I’d like the option to save a Custom Filter after creating one and have it appear on the Quick Filters list.

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 08.48.55

Hello @Doug_Richardson welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

One option would be to run an advanced search and then save that.

And I have found an existing feedback request thread about saving custom filters as well: Filter projects by multiple fields (including custom) and save different filter views.

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Thanks, but the advanced search doesn’t seem to work for a custom field that is not part of my organizations field library.

And yes, the existing feedback thread looks perfect if that was implemented.

That’s right, Advanced Search doesn’t recognize or include non-global custom fields as of the last time I tried (although this limitation was undocumented).

However, you should be able to set a Quick Filter (“Just my tasks” etc.) and then Save Layout as Default. You’ll see the same filter setting whenever you come back. I tried just now, works fine for me.

If this works for you, please mark it as a Solution - thanks!

Save Layout as Default changes the view for everyone though, not just me, right?

Yes, I believe so.

Yes indeed

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