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Looking for others who have similar craziness to my own life to ask about their work/life integration plan starring ASANA. So far, using Evernote for overall info depositing and PDF’s, articles, clipping etc. Trying to do project management in Asana with google calendar and email that I am trying to set up (currently use ical). Also, stuck with microsoft platform at work and with HIPAA, etc. there is a firewall between microsoft and the outside world making this whole thing SUPER DIFFICULT. Imagine support persons scheduling you and having no way to see your personal/admin calendar. Any thoughts/ideas from the hive? Websites, people, resources to reach out to? Thanks in advance.


Hi @mccauslandjb! Looks like you have a lot going on! While I am not a physician administrator mom, I’ll be happy to provide some of my own tips for managing these different pieces.

I think there are ways we can at least think of consolidating your current workflows. While there isn’t a way to get around HIPAA requirements, I’ll mention that Dropbox, one of our integrations partners, is HIPAA compliant - . So, one scenario could have you doing everything in Asana with the help of Asana integrations! You could, for instance, store all files in Dropbox, organize your work in Asana, and use the Asana/Google Calendar integration.

How does this sound? What works for you about this option and what doesn’t? Let’s see what we can do!


That sounds amazing. I have dropbox, but evernote is my place for everything. HIPAA is rarely an issue for my admin stuff but I could then use dropbox for anything work/clinical/HIPAA related while still maintaining evernote due to its OCR, task, meeting and search functions.
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