Asana integration with Netsuite


Hi all,

I’m a long time user of Asana (previous jobs, personal project etc…) and browser of this community and currently am trying to convince the company I work for now to integrate Asana into our daily functions. I spent weeks building and optimizing a dashboard for our specific use, and everyone from my managers, to their managers, to our directors love the idea and ease of use, but their biggest concern is how it will affect our current book of record, Netsuite (please send help). They fear that Asana is so easy to use, that people will follow our process in Asana, but won’t bother to enter the information or upload the documents required for our executives to properly report, and stay compliant with industry guidelines. I’ve been using it on my team in a very minor way the past couple of weeks and have absolutely demonstrated the value it provides, but this ‘book of record’ problem is my final hurdle.

As I’m sure many of you know, using Netsuite is like pulling your hair out. It’s powerful, but clunky, and necessary info is all over the place and in my opinion it just generally sucks to interact with.

I have tried to come up with some work arounds, and my current, hypothetical fix involves a ton of custom fields + .csv exports, but that gets messy real quick. Has anyone had any experience with any Asana-Netsuite integrations and would be willing to share their thoughts? Can anyone brainstorm any work arounds I may not have thought of?

I’ve managed to get so many people on board with the idea it would be a shame to have come this far, just to get stuck at this point. Any suggestions? :slight_smile:


Hi @MellowMile and thanks for reaching out on the Forum!

I’m not familiar with Netsuite but I found this other thread in the Forum if you want to take a look into it, you might find it useful :slight_smile: