Parent task influenced by subtasks

I have a parent task with several subtasks, and I’ve customized the project sections to track task progress. I want to ensure that the parent task’s status entirely depends on completing all its subtasks. Specifically, if the parent task is marked as ‘In Progress’ but some of the subtasks are completed while others are still ‘In Progress,’ I need to find a way to prevent the parent task’s status from changing until all subtasks are completed.


Thanks for reaching out! You could create a rule to automatically update the custom field status in the main task when all subtasks has been marked complete:

As it stands, it’s not possible to block the parent task from being completed. Another option could be to mark all subtasks as dependent on the main task:

I hope this helps!

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It seems that the current options for subtask validation are limited to complete or incomplete. However, I’m seeking a different functionality. I aim to ensure that if all subtasks are set to a specific status (not completed), it will trigger an automatic status change for the parent task. For instance, as shown in the attached screenshot, I would expect that once all three subtasks are set to the same status (In Progress), it will reflect on the parent task and update its status accordingly.