Allow parent task custom Status to be updated by completion of individual standardized sub-tasks

Ultimately would like this to be part of Asana but in the interim open to hearing about third party workarounds.

We have certain projects with lots of tasks that each have lots of subtasks which are completed in the same order every time, with each sub-task being a pre-requisite blocker for the ones that come after it. For instance, a marketing campaign might have a task for each email that will be sent over the course of a month, with subtasks for defining the audience and A/B testing details, drafting copy, securing copy approval, designing the email, and finally launching the email and adding a link to its performance report to the project’s reporting area.

For high-level managers/directors who are just trying to see at a glance how the campaign is going, they don’t want to have to unfold every individual email to see which subtask is currently being worked on for each task, so we have a Status column where each possible value corresponds to a subtask: Not Yet Begun, Content in Progress, Content Under Review, Approved and In Production, and Launched. Right now we have to rely on individuals to remember when they check off their subtask to also change the status of the parent task to reflect that progress. I would love to be able to set up custom rules like: “When Audience and Testing Details subtask is complete, change parent task status to Content In Progress,” “When Draft Copy subtask is complete, change parent task status to Content Under Review,” and so on.


I believe this will work–in Asana, no third party app needed:

In the screenshot, imagine replacing “Priority” with “Status,” and that’s the rule you need for each step in your process.

It relies on your only having a single subtask incomplete at a time, so as you can see, it adds the next subtask as part of the rule, in addition to updating the parent task’s Status (shown by Priority here).

Given what you wrote about your process, I believe this should work.