Completing a subtask changes the status of the parent task

Is there a way to have the status of a parent task change when a specific sub-task is completed?

I use Asana to run our editorial calendar. When a writer completes the “Written” sub-task, I’d love for the post to automatically change from “Waiting on Written Post” to “Waiting for Approval.”

If there’s some way to create a rule for this, that would be awesome. Thanks for your help.

Hi @Garret_Stembridge and welcome to the Forum!

We’re just after rolling out a new Rule feature ( Now rolling out to Asana users — Rules), which in the future will probably work with subtasks, but in the meantime I’d recommend looking into Flowsana. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to @Phil_Seeman who is the founder of Flowasana!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response Marie! I look forward to exploring the Rules!

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Any progress on Rules “which in the future will probably work with subtasks”?
Rules are great tool, but it’s still imposible to update a parent task (custom field Status) with change in sub-task status.
Scenarios like that:
If any of sub-task “In Progress”, the parent task changes status to “In Progress”.
If any of sub-task “Blocked”, we can see parent task as blocked.
If all subtasks are “Done”, the parent ticket is “Done”.