Overdue task trigger fires multiple times if task has multiple projects


We have a trigger setup that posts a comment on overdue tasks. However, for tasks that are associated with multiple projects, a comment is being posted on the task for each project. So, it seems that the overdue trigger works on a per-project basis. I am wondering how we can avoid getting duplicate comments and fire the trigger only once per task.


That’s expected behaviour, and not related to the overdue trigger: if the task belongs to several projects, and each project has the same rule, the rules will all run. Because this is the “same” rule by definition, but in reality they are actually different rules.

To avoid this: don’t duplicate the rule, but have a single rule in a project, and multi-home your tasks in it. Potentially that’s a new project you don’t have yet, but created only for the purpose of hosting this rule.


This has become a pretty big problem in the Bundles, because we want to be sharing the templates and rules across projects. Do you think this will be readdressed now that bundles are being used?