A task in a project is triggering a rule which duplicates another task into aother project


Is it possible for a task to trigger a rule that affect other tasks in a project?

My main idea is that a task in a projekt is supposed to trigger a rule that makes another task becoming a member of another project.

Let’s say that Project X have two tasks. When “Task 1” is marked as done, a rule should be triggered which duplicate “Task 2” into another project.

Is it possible?

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Hi @Daniel_Nalum , welcome to the forum :wave:
Unfortunately, currently, a rule will carry out actions to the task that was triggered, although there are rules to create a new task (or create a subtask within the original task) but there are no actions that are capable of affecting another existing task.

Instead of duplicating ‘Task 2’, you could use the ‘Create task’ action (which would contain the properties of Task 2, including the project(s) it would create that task in) whenever Task 1 is marked complete. You will need to be on a Business Plan for this, in order to create such a ‘custom rule’.

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your response! Alright, I was afraid that would be the case. I’ve tried to make it work with a “Create new task”-rule. The problem is that there is more than one “Task 1” in our real life projects. Is it possible to associate the rule so that it is only triggered for one of many tasks in a project?

E.g. A project contains ten tasks “Task 1 to 10”. Task 6 is the only task that trigger a rule, which create five new tasks (Task 11-15)?

Hi @Daniel_Nalum, a rule will run for all tasks (and optionally, subtasks) in a project.

However, you could ‘filter’ which tasks the rule will apply to by using conditional logic - for this, you will need to create a single-select field (or make use of one you already have) to be used as a ‘boolean’ or ‘switch’. For example, the field could be called eg. ‘Trigger’ with a single value such as ‘Yes’, as per below. (you can rename the field and option to anything that makes more sense to you)

Add this field as a condition to the triggers in your rule, and make sure you select ‘When ALL these triggers happen’ as per below:

Alternatively, instead of a boolean dropdown field, you could replace it with moving tasks into a particular section, but that may not apply to your workflow. It would look like this instead:

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Hi again @Richard_Sather!

Thank you for the pedagogical set-up! I will try this and see if it works! Thank you for your time and comittment! :slight_smile:

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My pleasure @Daniel_Nalum , let me know how it goes :+1:

Thank you @Richard_Sather, it works just fine! Now it’s more of a sorting issue, but it is possible to handle manually for now.

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