Organizing, naming and viewing attachments

Our projects are collaborative efforts with our clients (B2C). Throughout the project, we collect, create and work with a lot of documents and images. Those attachments typically fall into a few categories. A few things would be helpful:

  1. See the entire file name or change the file name in the Overview section. The current tile format cuts off the file name.
  2. Group or create categories for attachments in the Overview section and/or the Files section - especially files. It’s not time efficient to scroll through tons of files looking for an item, especially when one doesn’t know the exact file name (which would be partially resolved if the file name could be modified)
  3. We currently have a “Reference Documents” section in tasks with named tasks for various attachments to make them easier to find. That seems like an inefficient way to use tasks since that affects incomplete/completed task data

Hello @anon59607770,

here is an existing feedback request thread regarding renaming attachments, make sure to leave your vote there.

And here is one for organizing files in folders

And this one could be interesting as well.