Rename attachments

Hi! Congrats on the latest additions on attachments. I was hoping this time around I would find it, but maybe nobody suggested it yet!

So I’ll suggest: when I upload an attachment I would love to be able to change its name.

Most often happens to me with images, that I upload with auto-generated meaningless names like “Screenshot xxxx.png” but when editing the task description or comment I would love to inline the image (I know this can be more complicated) or maybe have the option to name the picture like “This is how to reproduce the error” or “I would like something like this” would help a lot the narrative. I often end up downloading the image, renaming it and uploading it again, or saying something like “the first image”, “the second image”, way less effective,

I agree totally Jordi. Renaming attachments is a basic feature. (Along with sorting them and seeing them in list view with dates.)


I was looking for that too… I make your words mine.

same here, it turns too tedious to just past a screen capture, you need to save it to a file and then upload, with ctrl+V it just gets named as image.png and you cannot later rename the image.

Also it would be nice that the images could be embedded in the comments/descriptions


We would need this too … can’t be so hard, right?


Apparently it is so hard to do.
This is up for 3 years and we can’t rename pasted screenshots. :pensive:

Started working in Asana this week and we are already missing this feature.


I agree 100% renaming photos should an inline process.

I agree, this feature is absolutely necessary, please make this feature happen sooner than later.