Rename attachments

Hi! Congrats on the latest additions on attachments. I was hoping this time around I would find it, but maybe nobody suggested it yet!

So I’ll suggest: when I upload an attachment I would love to be able to change its name.

Most often happens to me with images, that I upload with auto-generated meaningless names like “Screenshot xxxx.png” but when editing the task description or comment I would love to inline the image (I know this can be more complicated) or maybe have the option to name the picture like “This is how to reproduce the error” or “I would like something like this” would help a lot the narrative. I often end up downloading the image, renaming it and uploading it again, or saying something like “the first image”, “the second image”, way less effective,

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I agree totally Jordi. Renaming attachments is a basic feature. (Along with sorting them and seeing them in list view with dates.)


I was looking for that too… I make your words mine.

same here, it turns too tedious to just past a screen capture, you need to save it to a file and then upload, with ctrl+V it just gets named as image.png and you cannot later rename the image.

Also it would be nice that the images could be embedded in the comments/descriptions


We would need this too … can’t be so hard, right?


Apparently it is so hard to do.
This is up for 3 years and we can’t rename pasted screenshots. :pensive:

Started working in Asana this week and we are already missing this feature.


I agree 100% renaming photos should an inline process.

I agree, this feature is absolutely necessary, please make this feature happen sooner than later.

4 years later and no ability to rename attachments…?

There needs to be an option to simply rename files that are uploaded to Asana.

Currently you have to:
Download the attachment, delete the original from asana, locally rename the file, and reupload it.
This is not an acceptable practice.

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Hey @Jeff_Lindahl
I recommend upvoting on this existing thread: Rename attachments

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For our R&D and design projects, all our tasks contain images, pasted mostly from the clipboard.
Infortunately, all images in a project have the same name: image.png. This makes it very hard to refer or to find images, and I cannot find an option to rename these.
How to rename pasted images please. If this option does not exist, can it be added. That would be such a great option. Thanks, Gerard

It does not @Gerard_Boterman1

Best practice with any image upload to any platform is to rename first.

In design (CAD) most images are screen-grab, so these are not uploaded or stored as file on the computer.

Hi @Gerard_Boterman1, while this feature isn’t available at this time, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future

We do have an existing thread for this feature request in the #productfeedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:

Thank Rebecca,

I have added this to my book marks. I assume enhancements are made all the time? If so, is there a way to get notified about these e.g. by email subscription?

kind regards, Gerard

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In a Japanese thread 添付データ名称の文字数制限を緩和してほしい (Request to allow longer attachment names), I learned that the attachment name limit is 260 characters (or less when we use Japanese full-width characters).
If the attachment exceeds the limit, we can still upload it, but we can’t view or download the file.

Of course, the ideal scenario would be that attachments with longer names can be used in the future, but I found this feature request and upvoted it because it can be a quicker workaround for non-viewable and non-downloadable attachmets.

Update Dec 1, 2022: I heard that the “not downloadable” issue was an error and was fixed. It’d be still helpful to have the ability to rename attachments though.

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Yes this is a much needed feature - how are we looking?

Hi all,

Asana has been a great tool for me to organize files and attachments, but I have noticed that once they are uploaded there is not an option to rename them. I have to manually download the attachment, rename it on my desktop, and re-upload it to Asana. I would like to see a rename button added as a feature in the future.