Attachments/Files as a field type

In ‘Fields’ it would be useful to have a field type of files/attachments. This currently doesn’t exist.

Hi @Tanya_Frankel-Waxman, thanks for reaching out!

If you want to have more visibility if there are files attached on each task, you can add a drop-down Custom Field called “Files/Attachments” and add the options “Yes or No”.

I hope this helps! If this is not what you would like to achieve, please let me know and send me more information or screenshots. I’ll be happy to have a closer look :slight_smile:

Hi @Emily_Roman and thanks for your reply.

I was hoping that the attachment itself would be the field so that I wouldn’t need to open the task in order to access the file. Did I explain the difference well enough? Let me know if I was clear/not…

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for following up and clarifying your request @Tanya_Frankel-Waxman! I see what you mean and you are right, this feature is currently not available. I have gone ahead and moved this thread to the Product Feedback category to allow other users to upvote!

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Great, thank you very much!

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