Dropping files directly into the 'Files' tab



Why do files need to be attached to a task or conversation? I definitely do use files that way, but there are some files that aren’t attached to a particular task or conversation, they are simply a part of the project. It would be nice to be able to upload or link to a file right in the Files section of a project, without having to create a task or conversation first. Has anyone else seen the need for this?


@wisr_lindsey this is a great suggestion and something I’ve heard from a few teams. Usually, I’ll see teams create a “Files” task in the project as a catch-all for any of the non-task-specific documents that want to include.

That being said, I love your suggestion of having another area in the project to put these. Would you mind expanding on a few examples of files you would like to include like this in projects. And how often or how many files would you like to include?


I use the Files Task or Permanent File whatever you want to name it. I will forward a file and then drag it as a subtask into the Permanent File task. You then can name the subtask to get a better feel of what it is. Having said that I have posted quite a bit on the need for major improvements in the whole file system, ie, views and sorts of the File View and the ability to drag and drop a file between tasks including tasks in other Projects in other Teams