Option to view task attachments in a list view, not as board

Is there a way to view attachments in a task in a list view vs tile view? Most of my tasks organize attachments in tiles, but some of them have lists which is so much easier to navigate. I’d like to have all of my tasks structured this way but can’t see how to do that.

Hi @Jacqueline_Kelly , unfortunately it is not possible to view the actual attachments in the List view, although there is this thread which requests to add a paperclip icon next to the task name, similar to subtasks or the comments speech bubble icon.

Additionally, you could try the ‘Files’ tab (perhaps under ‘More’) which indicates all the files attached in all the tasks of a project. Clicking on the attachment, opens it. Whilst clicking on the task name (directly below the file name), opens the actual task itself.

This is a very useful but heavily overlooked feature that allows you to quickly find your attachments in a project.

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