Request for attached file viewer at task level to default to list to show more file name info and a more complete list of all files in the task

Hello - I have found that the file view that appears when lots of files are attached to a task (list view) to be a lot more functional than the object view that you get with only a few attachments.

Is it possible to have that list view as a default on my workspace?

The default object view is kinda clunky. It only shows some of the file name… which is sooo annoying when your files tend to have common prefixes that are somewhat long… with the differentiating text of the file name towards the end of it (e.g. most of my files have a address at the beginning… “71 Greenough St - Electric Bid - ABC Electric Co.”), but the current way Asana displays files, its hard to easily locate that file in the viewer.

This is especially when you have are in that awkward spot of having too many files to view all at once as objects, but not enough that the list view doesnt appear…

Mobile view would be preferred as a list too. As I find myself in the field looking for a file I know is attached to a task, but I have to either scroll sideways through like a slideshow view, or dig through the comment feed and even then, have to try a few different files before getting to the right one.

While I know Asana probably shouldnt be my go-to file depository, I somehow find myself going to it for quick access due to its fast search capabilities and historical record of a task.

I just gotta imagine theres a better way to display files in both desktop app and mobile than the current one.