How to show all files in the "Files" section in list view

When I go to the Files section of each project, all the files are individually displayed in their own exploded window. Some of these windows are large and when you have many files, it gets cumbersome having to sift thru. Is there a way to just view the files in list form so I can quickly find the file by type? It would be great if it had sort function by: name, date, type…etc. But, to make my life easier, I would just settle for a list view.

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Hi @Ericson_Abing - at this time the windows view is the only view available for files.

We can understand that seeing files in list view would be helpful. Thanks for that feedback!

Since Asana is primarily a work tracking tool (rather than a file storage tool), many users tend to lean on Asana’s file storage integrations to make storing and viewing files easier. Here’s a thread you might find helpful:

+1 for this. I’d like to be able to toggle between a list view and and a thumbnail view of the Files section in a project.


+1 for this. The current view is horrible when there are 10+ files uploaded. It just isn’t clear.


I’d like to see a list view as well. Here’s the problem. All of our files are Word, Excel, and PDF. So I have a screen full of Icons for those apps and small titles below them.

If there was a preview of those types of files, that view would be good. However, it will always be nice to see a quick list of files.

The file sharing tool we use is Citrix Files, which isn’t integrated. Even if it was, it would be hard to explain to users that they need to use both tools.


I completely agree! List view so that you can search by document title instead of title would be very helpful. We do not use this as document storage, but an all in one destination for project needs, including the latest files.


List view would be extremely useful, we have 100’s of images in one project and its impossible to find a specific item quickly…