How Do Each of You Store Files In Asana

Asana of course has a number of file storage options. I am curious what services you may use ie dropbox, box etc and how you organize.

I have done different things at different times but still thinking through the best way to create and store files. Some of the things I have done:

  1. Create a separate project called “Permanent Documents”-Team Name
  2. Created a separate Section withing a project called Permanent Documents and then put a task in for the type of document, some that are recurring.

As for creation I have tried all of the following:

  1. Computer Upload
  2. Dropbox
  3. Box
  4. URL Links to Evernote

One of the ways I am keeping files like monthly reports is to email the file to Asana either by, specific project address or my Sendana and then dragging the new task as a subtask under a task. It is then either kept or the previous subtask it is replacing is deleted. This seems to be working pretty good. An example might be “Monthly X Report”.

Just wanted to know what others might be doing.


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I think the Dropbox integration works the best. Unless things have changed recently, the Box integration did not allow a way to search when trying to attach files. This was a major negative for me.

I prefer to keep files in a file storage service overall and just attach to relevant tasks when it needs review or you want to make it easy for assignee to find what they need.

I keep files in Google Drive and Dropbox. Generally I use Google Drive when I am creating a document to edit overtime and share, whereas I use Dropbox when I need to save an image, pdf, or something along those lines. When a file is relevant to a task, I’ll attach it. Otherwise, my files stay in Drive or Dropbox.

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Glad to see this topic here! The template documents are stored in a separate task called template documents under each section within my own workload project. Similar to what James mentioned (option 2). My question is: how does everyone manage documents and files uploaded to a project. The file tab is certainly very basic and I believe can be enhanced to allow more visibility and quick searched within projects. Any thoughts?


I don’t have too much additional to add that I have not expressed before that Asana need to improve its File options for sorting, adding folders etc. I would say that lately I have been using subtasks withing a task such a Financial Statements to hold some attachments. I email from a number of sources that allow emailing (All Microsoft Office), Quickbooks and many other packages, put a more descriptive name in the Subject Area and send to project address. Then I move to subtask. Of course I have the benefit of my app Sendana. that helps facilitate this.

I just posted a reply to the similar thread over here:


A bit OT, but I’d also like to be able to quickly link to an Evernote (existing or create new). My current workaround is to paste a evernote note link in an Asana task typically in the description area and then I have Tampermonkey script that inserts an Evernote icon at the left top of the description field to help me know I have an external link. Clicking on that icon opens the note in a new tab. I’d like to see a more streamlined way to link a Evernote.


Richard would you be able to post more on how your work around works with an example. We use a document management database called ferret software in house to store all project communications and that is not going to change. I use Asana with Bridge 24 to try and manage my guys work follow across multiple projects. what I would like to be able to do is have a bUtton to launch ferret like you have for Ever note and then have a link to the project record within ferret in the description field.



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Sorry just saw this.

I’m no TamperMonkey expert but here’s what I do (lame I know). I basically paste an evernote link and preface it with “EN Reference:”. I only do this in the description field. I have some script below that runs periodically and looks for this and will position an icon just above the description field if the “EN Reference:” tag is found.

Yes, there has to be a better way :slight_smile:

function AddEnContent(myLink)
var obj = document.getElementById(‘property_sheet:details_property_sheet_field:description’);
if (obj)
// If icon exists remove it
var ENobj = document.getElementById(‘myENImage’);
if (ENobj)

    var img = new Image(); = '32px'; = '32px'; 'myENImage';
    img.src = '';
    img.onclick = function()
        // Opens in the same tab
        //window.location.href = myLink;
        // Opens in a new tab, '_blank');
    obj.parentNode.insertBefore(img, obj);         


function ENicon_loop()
var obj = document.getElementById(‘property_sheet:details_property_sheet_field:description’);
if (obj)
//alert('len: ’ +‘EN Reference:’));
if (obj == document.activeElement)
else {
if (obj.innerHTML != GM_getValue(‘oldHTML’))
GM_log(‘New HTML’);
GM_setValue(‘oldHTML’, obj.innerHTML);

            if (obj.innerHTML.length > 0) 
                GM_log('HTML len > 0');                        
                GM_log(obj.innerHTML.substring(0, 400));                        
                var pos ='EN Reference:');
                if (pos > 0) 
                    GM_log('Found EN Ref');                        
                    // Get the link and add an icon     
                    var wrk_lnk = obj.innerHTML.substr(''));
                    var lnk = obj.innerHTML.substr(''),'" target'));
                    lnk += ' target="_blank"';
                    GM_log('lnk: ' + lnk);                        
setTimeout(ENicon_loop, 5000);    


// *** Main ***

// Evernote Description Link Icon Feature
GM_setValue(‘oldHTML’, ‘’);

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I like to use links in the task description whenever possible.


I also include a link in all Project Descriptions. It usually links to a master project folder on google drive.


I use Google Drive. Though I wish I could link an entire folder instead of individual files. When I need to reference a folder in GD, then I’ll paste the link in the task description.

On a similar note: the “Files” tab in Asana would really benefit from some features such as:

  1. ability to filter results based on file type, source, or title
  2. ability to group/tag files (i.e. some files are related to the design, and others are related to admin and planning)

We follow a very similar practice, often including the long-form planning doc or creative brief for a project as a Google Doc that is linked into a Resources section at the top of our projects/initiatives.

Additionally we regularly use the Dropbox functionality and love having that flexibility to share creative assets or screenshots (inspiration, QA, bugs, etc) directly into the comments of a specific task in said project.

The one thing I still can’t get over is the boiler Dropbox metadata that accompanies every link shared from that tool. @Alexis surely there has to be a way that can be disabled on the backend for your integration. Super annoying.

UPDATE: note you can even see it clearly here in the unfurled link preview. Gah!! :man_facepalming:

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One more suggestion regarding files: As an alternative to the current files tab, what if we could “assign” a folder (from any 3rd party service such as G Guite or Dropbox) to that project, and then the “Files” tab in Asana will show a file navigator where we can browse all files under that one shared folder.

That would be so nice to have!!!


We do the same thing as @Adam_Brougher - create links to Master Dropbox project Folders. When we start a project in ASANA to make a new t-shirt design for a customer for example. We have a template with several pre-defined steps. One of the steps is to create a dropbox folder and name it the same as the project. These folders are all kept in a master dropbox folder called “ASANA Creative Pipeline” which is the name of the ASANA team.
The link to this folder is kept in the Project Description and sometimes added elsewhere in the project if we are trying to give someone quick access.


Yes! I just ran across this 2 years later but I LOVE that idea I hope someone at ASANA is listening! Many times I end up attaching dropbox images to the files tab because it is convenient to have a quick look at our designs for our bandanas for example.

p.s- love your bandana! : )

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