File folder and view options



Why can’t we have file folders with different view options for uploaded docs similar to any drive (e.g. google drive, dropbox)


Some type of organization of files would be nice—folders, per-member favorites, drag-and-drop ordering. Images that are hearted (within the task) should also so the hearts. Without the ability to organize, I find that the “Files” tab gets out of hand (and, therefore, not useful) very quickly.


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Asana is not a file sharing/storage application, which is why Asana integrates with other file sharing/storage apps like Dropbox and Google Drive. Those are better options for file organization. That said, I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing some organization inside Asana project files!


There are a number of enhancements I’d like to see for the Files view. A list view (rather than really large image blocks) would help when there are a lot of files uploaded to a project. A way to clearly sort things would also help; chronologically by upload date, sorting by task like below:

Proof #1
Proof #2


Each task would also be collapsable so you don’t see files you don’t need. I think it makes sense to have each task show up as files are added to them automatically as well, since every file is connected to a task anyway.

It would also be great to just have a download button built into the Files view.


This is something that I have also been wondering about.

It would certainly be good to at a minimum be able to share a folder from the particular file sharing service and not only specific files. It would be an added bonus if you could browse and manipulate that folder straight from within Asana (in grid or file list view).

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I came here to make this specific request. For me I don’t need folders or anything else complex for organizing because Asana is not meant for document storage. When a project has a lot of files we use another storage. But for random files that do get dropped into a Project could we PLEASE get something other than that tile view? Even just give a list view, or make that the default. The current view is what kills me. I can’t even read the full document name without hovering over each document.


Agree about folders for files. Need to organize the files for a project in a folder.


Agreed. We are a small business and don’t have our own domain name (could purchase, but really have no need). Since we don’t have a domain name, we can’t have an Organization with separate teams. The teams view at least rolls up projects, so you could kind of use them as buckets to hold certain topics. Unfortunately, that is unavailable to us. I’d much rather see Asana implement some kind of folder structure than have to buy a custom domain to upgrade to an Organization.

Especially now with the ability to create custom templates - we have SO many templates, and I dislike seeing the templates on the sidebar alongside the current instances of the project from the template. I’d like to create a folder for “Templates” where those can remain, and another folder for “Archived” (so we can continue to search and reference them) and then the remaining projects in the sidebar will actually be those currently in use.


Yes, voted for list view of files and folder structure.