Overview/Key Resources UI teaks

Hi guys,

We switched from Monday to Asana a few months ago and are really loving it overall. One small area that I’d like to see improved, however, is the Key Resources block on the project Overview pages. Right now, there are two functional problems I’m seeing with it:

1. Resources titles are unnaturally truncated because resources are being placed beside one another, limiting the available horizontal space.

2. Resources can’t be edited after creation.

Easy fixes:

  1. Allow page editors to toggle a list view for this block, which double or triple the amount of title space.

  2. Add an ‘edit’ option to the resource drop-down menu, giving you access to a UI to change the title or what it’s pointing to.


Hi @Whitfield, thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback! :clap:t2:

Hopefully this is a change our Product team can make in the future. I’ll keep you posted if any changes are made :slight_smile:

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