Organizational Asana maintenance

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I am looking for some advice on how to clean-up my org’s Asana. We set some rules and best practices but I can see we have many teams and many projects.

Is there a way to check to see if some of these teams and projects are not used anymore via the admin console or reporting? I would like to pull out the not-used teams and projects and meet with the creators to decide if these can go? and if not assess if there is a better way to organize them.

I can tell we are not as organized and fluid as we could be and I think it’s due to too many projects and teams.

Hey @KimberlyAnn_DiCredic, have a look at some of the tools from @Bastien_Siebman especially this one: minimalist work - Work less with better tools and methods


This is super helpful @Paul_Grobler
After I see the hidden mess in here, how do I remove projects not owned by me that may be hidden from me? I’d like to clean some old projects out so they don’t resurafce.

Hey @KimberlyAnn_DiCredic I recommend asking the Asana admin to make you admin also or directly get access to the main admin’s account to clear everything out.

I also recommend putting some rules/guidelines for the team in place on how things should be set up in your company. The reason why I am saying this is because based on experience otherwise people just tend to create a mess in the set-up by creating private projects, double up things, etc

So I definitely recommend having one main Asana go-to person in the company that controls things a bit.

Regarding your question

have a look here: Can an admin see private projects? - #2 by Emily_Roman

Therefore it might be best to send a message to the whole team asking to add you to private projects so you can clean everything and everybody should be happy :smiley:

On the long run, I’d also recommend appointing “Asana experts” in every team/department who would be in touch with the main Asana go-to person at your company to discuss key things in terms of the general set up or who would also announce Asana new features to the whole team and help with implementing/using.

I have written a bit more about this here: How do you control/restrict your employees? - #18 by Andrea_Mayer

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Hi @KimberlyAnn_DiCredic
You can also have a look at the following post:

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Amazing tips!! Thanks for sharing, @Paul_Grobler @Andrea_Mayer and @Julien_RENAUD :star:

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Thanks, @Andrea_Mayer and @Julien_RENAUD Super helpful

Just want to make sure I fully understand, I am an admin, but maybe not the highest level one? There is no way to have the power to see all of what’s going on in our Asana?

Also by using the Minimalist work tool I can see some teams created by people who are no longer working here… how can I get those out?

Also… Advice on cleaning up our tags? I see tons have been made by mistake, typos, duplicates of the same spelled differently. This is really holding back my ability to offer these as a feature since they are so messy.

So we do have a best practices… the only enforcer is me at the moment, we have just begun our work to better scale as a company. Our Asana is in the best of shape compared to all our other tools but I am trying to be a little more strict than we have been in the past.

Only Enterprise version can offer admin more possibilities.
If not Enterprise, then you cannot do everything. You can add you to the team you want even the private ones, but you can’t do that with projects. You can see the whole project list from the member’s csv files, that can help.

You can delete the team from the admin console. But you should first check if projects are stored in the team.

You can delete them from Asana, manually and one by one.

If it can be useful to you, we propose with @Bastien_Siebman to assist you in the monitoring of the Admin compass, or even to play this role for you. I invite you to contact me in PM about this if you are interested and we can schedule a presentation to present to you this service.

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