Help Managing/Cleaning-Up Teams in Asana Enterprise

Does anyone have tips for managing and cleaning up Teams in Asana? The admin portal doesn’t provide me with enough tools to make this even remotely easy. We have 250 users in Asana and I’ve notice that over the years a lot of Teams have been created and abandoned with zero members (28 Teams to be exact). In some cases these Teams have been left Public or Membership on Request, so they show up in the search bar, even though they aren’t used. At the very least, I’m going through and marking these Teams as private so there is less confusion. In a few cases, another Team that is being used has the same or a very similar name, so it could be confusing when onboarding a new user to Asana.

My main frustration is how tedious it is to review and safely delete a Team that I suspect isn’t needed. In the admin portal, I have to add myself to the team or mark it public. Without opening the team in the Asana UI, there is no way to know the GID of the Team or to know how many projects are in that Team. Then I can go to the UI to get the GID of the Team. I still want to check there aren’t any important archived project in that Team before I delete it, but there is no way to do that in the UI or Admin portal. Next I have to make an API to get a list of projects in that Team, and verify there aren’t any archived. If I find an archived project(s), I can review it before deleting or tediously move it to a new archival Team.

Then there are Teams with only one or two members. Some like “My First Team” I can just ignore, but others aren’t so cut and dry. There are two Teams both named “Operations Team” with one member each and which are Membership on Request. I have the option of just adding myself to the team and taking a look, but I wish there was a more subtle way of knowing if the one member was actively using this team for projects or not. The goal is for someone to be able to find the Operations Team in Asana, if that team is even using Asana, but I feel like a bull in a china shop adding myself to Teams, barging in to take a look around, and then explaining myself with a recommendation for either changing the Team name or modifying the access scope.

Again, the goal isn’t to play Asana-police, but for everyone to be able to find the Teams they are looking to collaborate with. I could establish a standard policy and be more bold with deleting teams and potentially deleting projects, but the tools in Asana also seem to make this harder than it could be. I could write a script that moved projects from one Team to another, but I’d hope it doesn’t come to that. Thanks for reading.

And it has to be said, a Team that is marked Membership by Request which has zero members and zero invited members is just a blackhole which requires an Admin if you ever want to get anything out of it or use it again.

Hi @Anthony_Tamalonis,

Definitely check out this tool: